All About the March Birthstone : Aquamarine

March,02 2024 | Written By Akratijewelsinc


Energetic and intellectual, but remaining calm and philosophical? Can you relate? If so, you are a March person! Trust us, you are simply fantastic, as are your March birthstones. What are the two birthstones for March? The exquisite aquamarine, an eye-catching gem that will quickly brighten up your OOTD and mood, comes first, followed by the stunning bloodstone, making you stand out from the crowd every time.

Want to learn more about these beautiful gems? Don't worry; we've got you! So, let's get started with March's primary birthstone, aquamarine.

About March Birthstone

Aquamarine is your official birthstone, and you and this March gemstone share many similarities. Curious to find out? Dive right in!

Aquamarine is frequently connected with a sense of tranquility and calmness. Similarly, persons born in March are thought to be serene and calm. In short, March kids, you're relaxed! Additionally, this gem is thought to increase communication skills. March babies are also known for their ability to communicate effectively. You understand how to communicate your ideas effectively and clearly. What more? According to mythology, aquamarine originates from mermaids' treasure chests, and you, March infants, are nothing short of a treasure. 

Did you know?

Aquamarine, the March birthstone, is named after the Latin word aqua marinus, which means 'water of the sea.' Interesting, right? This isn't all; there's much more to this icy-blue jewel. Let's find out.

History of Aquamarine

  • Aquamarine was utilized by Roman doctors to treat obesity and other conditions such as bloating.

  • Aquamarine powder was once used to make medicines to treat infections and allergic reactions.

  • Beads composed of aquamarine were discovered with Egyptian mummies.

  • The Dom Pedro, the world's largest cut aquamarine, is housed at the Smithsonian Institute and measures 14 inches long and 4 inches wide. It weighs 10,363 carats.

Where Is Aquamarine Found?

Brazil is known as the principal gem supplier, however, other countries including Madagascar, Pakistan, Nigeria, and the United States also produce aquamarine. The bulk of aquamarine stones are green when they come out of the earth, but heating transforms them into brilliant blue.

Aquamarine forms huge, six-sided crystals up to a foot in length, making it a perfect stone for cutting into large diamonds. One blue-green crystal unearthed in Brazil, measuring 19 inches long and 16 inches broad, weighed more than 240 pounds.


Wondering what the aquamarine birthstone means? Aquamarine's soothing blue color evokes the sea's calming essence. That is why this gemstone is frequently connected with serenity, tranquility, and calmness. Aquamarine is believed to represent hope, loyalty, and purity. Furthermore, aquamarine was thought to help couples find peace, making it an appropriate 19th wedding anniversary gemstone.

Benefits of Wearing Aquamarine

Aside from its amazing beauty, your month gemstone aquamarine can help you in a variety of ways. Look at the most essential benefits:

  • Emotional Healing and Courage

Interestingly, aquamarine is linked to emotional healing and courage. Wearing aquamarine jewelry may provide emotional support and inspire you to take on obstacles with confidence and strength.

  • Calming Energy

We already mentioned that aquamarine is connected with serenity and calmness. It can assist in relieving tension, anxiety, and emotional trauma by instilling a sense of calm and tranquility. So, the next time you're having a bad day, keep your birthstone near to you.

  • Protection and Abundance

Previously, mariners used aquamarine to ensure safe passage through stormy seas. Wearing an aquamarine may be considered a talisman for March newborns, providing protection and attracting positive energy. A lucky stone for March babies!

Enhanced Communication

Aquamarine is said to increase the clarity of the brain and communication skills. So, if you have anything on your mind, simply wear this March jewel to express your views more plainly and assertively.

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Aquamarine is believed to possess various healing properties that can benefit both the mind and body.

Physical Healing Properties

Aquamarine is associated with several physical healing properties, including:

  • Throat and Communication: Aquamarine is believed to support throat health and communication. It is thought to soothe sore throats and alleviate throat-related issues, promoting clear and effective communication.

  • Calming and Cooling: Aquamarine is considered a calming stone that can help cool inflammation and reduce stress-related symptoms. It is believed to have a soothing effect on the body, promoting relaxation and tranquility.

Emotional and Spiritual Healing Properties

Aquamarine is also associated with emotional and spiritual healing properties, including:

  • Courage and Confidence: Aquamarine is believed to instill courage and confidence in the wearer. It is thought to help overcome fears and phobias, promoting a sense of inner strength and empowerment.

  • Clarity and Emotional Balance: Aquamarine is associated with clarity of mind and emotional balance. It is believed to help clear the mind of cluttered thoughts and promote a sense of serenity and emotional stability.

  • Connection with the Divine: Aquamarine is often associated with the element of water and is believed to enhance one's connection with the divine feminine energy. It is thought to facilitate spiritual growth and intuition, promoting a deeper understanding of oneself and the universe.


Aquamarine, the March birthstone, symbolizes serenity, hope, and emotional healing. It is associated with enhancing communication skills, calming energy, and protection, making it a cherished gemstone for March-born individuals.

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