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Akrati story

Akrati is India’s leading Manufacturer and Exporter of 925 sterling silver and gemstone jewelry, with the aim to provide the best quality of Fine jewelry at real competitive prices. All our jewelry is created mainly for an everyday wardrobe and fit for all occasions.

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Our ordering proces is designed to grant you the flexibilty of choice. Sort throungh our varieties with just a click, and make your pick of suitable quantity. With Akrati Jewels, you get exactly what you expect.




Your customer service is outstanding, your packaging is beautiful and the products I have received so far are wonderful - great quality!

What I find most appealing is that your prices are better than most other options out there on almost every product!

It is nice to know that your company takes the time to get to know their customers. I am very pleased with my purchases and wish that I would of found you earlier!

I just got my order of birthstone charms and they are FABULOUS! The colors are amazing and the size and price are perfect.

The quality of stone is always top notch from your company.


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Discover a Collection Of Fascinating Wholesale Gemstone Jewelry At Akrati Jewels

Welcome to Akrati Jewels, where Your wish is our command. We are leading manufacturers and suppliers of 925 sterling silver gemstone jewelry who celebrate the confidence and radiance of wearing our stunning pieces. We offer exquisite jewelry pieces according to your unique taste, style, and preferences. With our exceptional quality and reliable price rates, we believe in providing you with the best value for your investment. 

Making way for the many businesses, retailers, and brands who desire to purchase gemstone jewelry in bulk. We stock versatile ranges of natural gemstone jewelry, from prevalent ones to the rarest ones, according to our client's unique demands. When shipping our products worldwide and managing flexible deliveries, we go that extra mile, thus making it an attractive overall experience for our customers.

So what are you waiting for? Explore the world of Akrati Jewels, and let us help you find the perfect jewelry piece that suits your unique style and personality.

Key Attributes

We have established ourselves as the best wholesale jewelry supplier by providing exceptional services to our clients. We have taken care of everything from unique customization to prominent deliveries and everything in between. Let's dive into some key features that set us apart:

Quality & Authenticity

We prioritize the craftsmanship of our jewelry, ensuring each piece is crafted with utmost love and care, thus providing customers with genuine and authentic pieces they can cherish.

Budget-Friendly Prices

We understand the importance of affordability and want to make our natural stone jewelry accessible to many. And for that, we offer our clients the finest prices, ensuring the best value for their investment,

Modifiable delivery option

We at Akrati Jewels provide chaos-free delivery as we understand the significance of smooth and hassle-free delivery options. 

Extraordinary Customer Experience

We believe in providing incredible customer service and winning hearts. Offering them the improbable quality of products and exceptional prices with prompt deliveries.

Ethical Treatment Of Artisans

We understand the importance of the safety of our artisans; therefore, making way for a healthy and safe environment is our top consideration.

Variety Of silver gemstone jewelry

Akrati Jewels Inc. offers a wide range of wholesale sterling 925 silver gemstone jewelry. Whether you are looking for stunning Amythest pendants, captivating larimar earrings, or unique pieces of quartz gemstone jewelry and many others, Akrati Jewels has it all. Here are some types of jewelry in which we customize your unique designs.

Sterling Silver Rings

Sterling Silver is known for its durability and affordability. Adorn yourselves with our beautiful gemstone silver rings, serving your unique preference and class.

Silver Earrings

We offer various stunning silver earrings that complement any outfit, whether they're fascinating turquoise drop earrings, red Garnet gemstone silver jewelry, or others.

Silver Necklaces

Adorn your neckline with our captivating silver sterling necklaces and make a statement by customizing them according to your taste and preferences.

Silver Bracelets 

We take pride in offering elegant silver bracelets for women according to their style and essence.

Silver Pendants

Give a touch of elegance to your wrist by wearing our hand-crafted stunning silver pendants, thus making a bold statement in the room.


What is silver jewelry made of?

Silver jewelry is produced with the help of a metal called sterling silver. Sterling silver is an alloy composed of 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metals, usually copper. And traditionally known for its durability.

What types of silver jewelry do Akrati Jewels offer?

Wholesalers offer a variety of silver jewelry, including silver bracelets, rings, necklaces, and pendants. We at Akrati Jewels take pride in providing all these at premium quality and excellent prices.

Are there minimum order requirements when buying wholesale silver jewelry?

Every silver sterling wholesaler has a certain number of minimum order requirements, and if you are buying from Akrati Jewels in bulk, the minimum order requirement is 5 pieces. 

Is there any Hallmark for wholesale silver jewelry?

A hallmark is a stamp or mark on the jewelry that indicates the purity of the silver. For example, 925 is a common hallmark for sterling silver, suggesting it is 92.5% pure silver.

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