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Blue Topaz

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One of the most enchanting natural gemstones in blue color is Topaz. Acquiring its name from the Greek word “Topazios,” It has two prominent hues, orange and Blue. Orange or imperial topaz is a natural birthstone for those born in November. It can also be found in white, pink, and multicolored spectrums.


Blue Topaz Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

Other than mesmerizing the onlookers, Blue Topaz has a plethora of benefits. It enhances our creativity, helps us focus better, and sharpens our intuition. This vintage jewel promotes honesty, self-realization, and openness in relationships. In modern times, when getting tempted is natural and comparatively more straightforward, Blue Topaz is beneficial in such temptations as it calms down a bubbling mind.

If you are interested in Chakra-healing, Topaz is associated with solar plexus chakra. It is the center of self-exploration and inner peace. Once this chakra becomes inactive, one may dive back into self-doubts and fears. This crystal can activate this chakra, which may give us the willpower to achieve our goal. 

Blue Topaz and Zodiac Signs

Blue Topaz is the natural birthstone of those who are born in December. It is associated with Jupiter and aligned with the zodiac signs Scorpio and Sagittarius. Wearing this gemstone in silver jewelry can make it highly effective.

Topaz Jewelry 

On Mohr’s hardness scale, Topaz boasts a hardness of 8, which is very hard and ideal for jewelry making, including Blue Topaz Necklace, Blue Topaz Bracelet, Blue Topaz Pendant, etc. It is indisputable that wearing a Blue Topaz Jewelry can increase one’s beauty. Thanks to its hardness, Jewelers use Blue Topaz in a wide range of jewelry. Sterling silver necklaces adorned with Blue Topaz are a sight to behold. Stud topaz earrings represent the depth of beauty this gemstone holds. Wearing a Blue Topaz ring is made of silver, is extensively very efficient in its benefits, and has the elongation and flattening effect on the fingers.

Blue Topaz is also a traditional gift for the 4th wedding anniversaries. So, if you are going to celebrate 4 years of union with your better half, this may be the best opportunity for you to have a Blue Topaz for your loved one. 

Speaking of gifts, you can also peek at Moonstone and Labradorite gemstones, which are often used as gifts. 

Frequently Asked Questions:- 

What does Blue Topaz symbolize for December birthdays?

The Blue Topaz symbolizes serenity, inspiration, and peace for those born in December. It represents communication, expression, and spiritual perception and connects with the solar plexus chakra. 

Can we customize handmade Blue topaz jewelry?

Absolutely! At Akrati Jewels, you can buy Blue Topaz in bulk or wholesale quantities. Explore our online store for larger quantities, or contact us for more information on purchasing Blue Topaz in bulk. 

What is Blue Topaz Jewelry?

Blue topaz jewelry is a captivating choice with its beautiful blue hue; it adds a touch of serenity and elegance to any look.

How to Care for Blue Topaz Jewelry?

Clean this stone using a soft cloth or warm water. Avoid exposing this jewelry to too much heat and too much cold temperature. Keep it away from harsh chemicals and cleansing products like bleach, etc.

What is the Meaning and Symbolism Behind Blue Topaz Jewelry?

Blue topaz symbolizes peace and calmness, making it a meaningful gemstone and a popular choice for jewelry. 

What Are the Different Shades of Blue Topaz Available in Jewelry? 

Blue topaz comes in sky blue, Swiss blue, and London blue. 


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